Welcome to a new year!!!

Karadi have some exciting things in store for 2016. WATCH THIS SPACE

Karadi is a place for Aboriginal men and women, their families and community members. 

It provides
community care services, a resource centre and works for the promotion and empowerment of Aboriginal
community and their families.

Karadi creates an environment that promotes growth and enhances our well-being through learning and
growing together at the grass roots level with the Community.

Karadi Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide resources, education and support to Aboriginal women, their families and
community in an accessible and equitable manner.

Karadi Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the leading provider of culturally appropriate services to Aborigines in Tasmania.

Karadi Values Statements

To be responsive and accountable

To be aware of community needs

To adopt a process of continuous improvement

To value the unique Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage

To maintain the highest ethical standards

To be respectful and empowering



Welcome to our new look website. We will be adding new features and pages in the coming weeks.